Beautifying outdoor spaces

Outdoor Beauty Products

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Mulches are ideal for covering your soil. They retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool and make the garden bed look more attractive.


Grow great things in this soil


Sand, gravel, and small stones are used for many different landscaping applications.

Useful Things

Baled shavings, bags, and other useful yard supplies.


We want all properties to be beautiful and inviting!
Beautifying outdoor spaces

We find and make the best products. With these landscaping supplies you will be able to make your property inviting for friends and family.

Be a happy home owner--beautify your outdoor space!

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Yard waste recycling

Landscape responsibly!

Do you have yard waste, like trimmings, you want to dispose of responsibly?

If so, come on down! We accept lawn clippings, leaves and small branches less than 10cm in diameter.

Do your part to "green" the planet and then pick up a bag of excellent compost.

We look forward to seeing you.

Our History

Since 1963

Grandpa Neil's First Truck and four boys circa 1963 captures the beginning of this family company.

Our company grew out of a family enterprise backed by three generations of Klassens. It all started with Neil and Rita Klassen in 1963 on the values of faith, family and hard work.

Fourth generation family members are now entering the business and adding new insight and vision.