February 2021: Focus on Soil and Grass!

Uncategorized | 9 February 2021

Focus on soil and grass seed for your lawns this spring! We carry soils that are perfect for all your gardening and landscaping needs. We also carry professional sun and shade grass seed mix perfect for our local climate in 3 and 5 pound bags. 5-8 pounds of seeds will cover approximately 1000 square feet of area.

Our Klassen Garden Blend soil is comprised of composted mulch, sand and mushroom manure. We have it tested regularly to ensure top quality growing results.

Are you adding to or enriching an existing lawn? Just add a thin layer of turf blend or another lawn soil mix and sprinkle seeds or turf on top as directed.

Are you building a brand new lawn? The Klassen Garden Blend is a great natural nutrient enriched soil as a base layer then a thin layer of turf blend on top to sprinkle seed or lay turf down.
Come visit us and see our top quality products today!